Restoring Dolls from 1950’s and earlier

Specializing in bisque, composition, and china, restoration including:

  • Broken bisque heads
  • Reinforcing hairline cracks
  • Rebuilding broken shoulder plates
  • Crazed or chipped composition dolls
  • Resculpting missing finger, toes, etc.
  • Making and setting sleep eyes which includes the building of new sleep eye rocker mechanism
  • Stringing
  • Leather repair
  • Wig repair/replacement
  • Parts Replacement
  • Eye Replacement including building of new sleep eye rocker mechanism
  • Painting
  • Cleaning of all types of dolls
  • Complete Restorations (if necessary)

Expert care is also given to vintage hard plastic and vinyl dolls.

I do not work on Barbie®, American Girls and various other modern or currently produced dolls.