Antique China Doll Finished

Antique China Doll

This lovely China doll was going to need a tremendous amount of work. Not only was her head in pieces, her original leather lower arms were separating from her cloth upper arms and her red leather sewed bootines were in a bad state of repair.

The head was reglued, and the cracks were filled and sanded to smoothness. Paint was matched and reapplied. The leather lower arms were reattached to the upper cloth arm portions. The body was partially recovered to stabilize it.

The doctor used kid leather gloves and tinted them with leather dye obtained from a shoe shop. This took several applications to obtain a suitable color. A pattern was made over the original bootines. The new bootine parts were glued to the legs, legs were restuffed as necessary.

Before Doll Restoration

After Doll Restoration

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