Celluloid Doll After

Celluloid Doll

Celluloid Head with ball-jointed body

2006 Doll Doctor’s Association Restoration Contest
Category – Naked Other

The “patient” is a 20” celluloid head marked “K * R//728//50” and a “turtle symbol” on a composition toddler body. The doll has flirty eyes and her original wig. The body is in very good original condition but needs restringing. This doll was made from approximately 1910 on.

The head was in numerous pieces. There are smaller pieces wrapped in paper towels in plastic baggies in the shipping box. The wig is still glued to the top part of the head and is holding the top pieces together. The flirty eyes are still securely attached to the front portion of the head. The head is warped as well.

The head pieces were put back together. Portions of the head missing pieces were rebuilt. The head had to be reshaped.

Paint was closely matched to the original on the doll’s head. The head was repainted and facial features were applied.

The papier mache body was cleaned and reassembled. The original wig was cleaned and reattached.

Before Doll Restoration

After Doll Restoration

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