Kewpie After 8

Kewpie Doll Repair

Black Composition Kewpie Doll Repair

as shown in Dolls Magazine, September 2004 issue
“Top Doll Hospitals”

This 11-inch black composition Kewpie arrived at the hospital with a head that had been broken off at the neck and re-glued, a badly damaged left side and a partially missing left foot. The left hand was broken off at the wrist and the back of the head was scuffed.

Repairs were made to the damaged areas. Paint was matched and applied only to those areas of the body receiving repairs leaving the remaining paint original including the face, back and front of body, right arm and most of the left arm except the break area on the left wrist. Mouth was also touched up.

Before Doll Restoration

After Doll Restoration

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