Little Annie Rooney Doll Final

Little Annie Rooney Doll

Little Annie Rooney Doll

Composition Doll Restoration

2006 Doll Doctor’s Association Restoration Contest
Category – Composition

“Little Annie Rooney” is an all composition doll, designed by Jack Callus and produced by the Cameo Doll Company around 1925. She has painted eyes, a yarn wig and is 16 in. (41 cm) tall. She has her original tagged jacket, a plaid pleated skirt and her onsie.

Annie arrived at the hospital disassembled with her composition in a very poor state of repair. There were numerous areas where there were breaks in the composition, her paint was flaking badly, and gouges to her body and limbs. One finger was missing, her original yarn wig was present and in fairly good condition but faded. Her jacket was quite faded in places and dirty. The hook on the inside of her left leg was broken off.

The doll’s composition was completely restored and repainted. Her clothing was carefully mended, redyed and cleaned. Her wig was cleaned.

Here she is. Quite charming and ready for the next 75 years.

Before Doll Restoration

After Doll Restoration

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