Celluloid Doll Head Finished

Celluloid Doll

Celluloid Head with 5-piece body

The “patient” is a celluloid head with a “turtle symbol” on a celluloid toddler body. The doll has sleep eyes. The body is in very good original condition.

The head was in numerous pieces. There are smaller pieces wrapped in paper towels in plastic baggies in the shipping box. The head is warped as well.

The head pieces were knitted back together. There were also several pieces missing from the head and those spaces had to be rebuilt. The head had to be reshaped. Rubber bands were also used to pull the pieces of the head together into each piece’s proper position. Cracks were filled and gently sanded to smoothness.

Paint was closely matched to the original on the doll’s head and for the hair. The head and hair were repainted.

Before Doll Restoration

After Doll Restoration

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