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Willie Mays Bobblehead

Willie Mays Bobblehead – Before   Willie Mays Bobblehead – After ...More

Packers Bobblehead

Packers Bobblehead – Before Packers Bobblehead – After ...More

Vikings Bobblehead

Vikings Bobblehead – Before Vikings Bobblehead – After ...More

Mets Bobblehead

Mets Bobblehead – Before Mets Bobblehead – After ...More

Yankees Bobblehead

Yankees Bobblehead – Before Yankees Bobblehead – After ...More

Celluloid Doll

Celluloid Head with ball-jointed body AWARD WINNER 2006 Doll Doctor’s Association Restoration Con ...More

Madame Alexander Composition

There are times when a beloved childhood friend just needs some maintenance as a result of all of th ...More

Wooden Schoenhut

The carved haired Schoenhut arrived at the hospital needing some facial repair. The body was in good ...More

Antique China Doll

This lovely China doll was going to need a tremendous amount of work. Not only was her head in piece ...More