Papier Mache Bobble-Head

The Roberto Clemente bobble arrived showing damage to the lower neck area of the head, to the bobble ...More

China Doll

Antique China Doll This lovely China doll was going to need a tremendous amount of work. Although th ...More

Celluloid Doll

Celluloid Head with 5-piece body The “patient” is a celluloid head with a “turtle symbol” on ...More

MaMa Doll

Composition Head and Limbs The arrival of this doll at the hospital shows a badly damaged doll. Her ...More

Bisque Head Doll

A.M. 390 with ball-jointed body. The bisque head was in numerous pieces, the doll had set eyes which ...More

Little Annie Rooney Doll

Little Annie Rooney Doll Composition Doll Restoration AWARD WINNER 2006 Doll Doctor’s Association ...More

Kewpie Doll Repair

Black Composition Kewpie Doll Repair as shown in Dolls Magazine, September 2004 issue “Top Dol ...More

Composition Doll

Antique Composition Doll Repair/Restoration Wonderful 21” Ideal Composition Doll! She arrived with ...More

Bisque Head Doll Restoration

Bisque Head Doll Restoration Bisque with ball-jointed body AWARD WINNER 2004 Doll Doctor’s Associa ...More